About Us

Hi there, we are V and Q and we are Average Chumps.

V here. After a much needed wake-up call, I annihilated $148,000 of student loan debt in 3 years and am now on my way to Financial Independence.

I’m USA-based, but you can often find me wandering and getting lost in Europe or Southeast Asia while eating delicious food.

I’m obsessed with personal finance, Financial Independence (FI), investing and ways to make passive income. As it happens, I also like writing.

Getting lost in Southeast Asia!
Getting lost in Southeast Asia!

The reason why I started this site?

As it stands, I found myself repeating the same bits of information over and over again to co-workers and people in my immediate circle, so I created this blog to streamline my efforts.

In 2012, I graduated from grad school in the healthcare field and I:

  1. Was making decent money.
  2. Also was spending it like an idiot.
  3. Had no idea how investing worked.
  4. Thought a 9-to-5 was the only way to make money.
  5. Did not read books about finance.
  6. Had no concept of Financial Independence.

It took me a while to shake off the Conventional Wisdom way of thinking. The road is long and I’m still learning more everyday.

As a result, I want to save time for my peers and 20-something professionals just getting out of school.

This blog is for you if you:

  1. Are on the path to Financial Independence Early Retirement (FIRE).
  2. Have just graduated and feel overwhelmed by a ton of student loans.
  3. Already destroyed your debt and are curious about increasing and managing your wealth.
  4. Are exploring ways of making passive income.
  5. Are curious about maximizing investments.

Now that I’m debt-free, my goal is to diversify my income streams, save and invest my way to Financial Independence, while still enjoying life, and help wherever I can!

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